Troops are the key to your success in MOW. Each troop has a different troop type. The four main types are peltast, pike, archer, and calvary. Other troop types include giant crossbow, trebuchet, and specialilty troops. These troops have four tiers: regular, elite, guard, and imperial. Each tier 1-4 is stronger than the one below it. Tier 5 troops are speciality troops with each civ making two types one calvary and one other depending on civilization. Each troop type has a specific type it works best on and function. Peltast have a boost against pikes but weaknest against calvary. Ranged soldiers have a weak defense against all troop types. Trebuchets are the best unit for tearing down towers in contested zones, they are nearly useless against troops. Scorpions are good units to carry for food (they count as 3 troops) and are very cheap and do decent against npcs so are very useful for early levelling. Speciality troops (T5's) are a civ's strongest units. China's t5's are Chu-ko-nu and Mangudai. These units will be described in more detail later

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