Persia is located in the center of the map adjacent to each of the other three civilizations. While this allows Persia to attack any of the CZ areas (except Africa) without teleporting. However this also means that Persia is often in the position of facing all three civilizations directly, while each of the other civilizations has some geographic distance from at least one other. Persia's individual units do receive a bonus to attack strength, as well as having a 20% bonus to stone production. Persia's specialty of increased construction speed helps when building your resource mines and upgrading buildings to meet growth and evolution requirements.

Persia Civ Bonus
Persia Civ Specialty


This is where you can train Peltasts and Pikeman. Pikemen are weak against Peltasts but strong against Cavalry. Peltasts are weak against Cavalry but stong against Pikemen.

Persia L20 Barracks
Troop/Level HP Attack Defense Attack Range
Persian Warrior (T1) 70 7.6 15 1-1
Elite Persian Warrior (T2) 110 11.3 20 1-1
Persian Guard Warrior (T3) 170 13.2 25 1-1
Imperial Persian Warrior (T4) 250 15.1 30 1-1
Oriental Infantry (T1) 70 9.5 10 1-1
Elite Oriental Infantry (T2) 110 13.2 15 1-1
Oriental Guard Infantry (T3) 170 15.1 20 1-1
Imperial Oriental Footman (T4) 250 17 25 1-1
Persian Armored Force (T6) 800 220 100 1-1
Persian Shock Brigade (T6) 700 240 80 1-1

Archery RangeEdit

This is where you can train Archers which are your basic leveling troops. These are weak troops but have range, so while you hero can take damage your archers can shoot from behind your hero. Archers have a weak defense and are easily killed, however using troop gear from ladder and troop buffing food they become quite dangerous.

Persia L20Archery
Troop/Level HP Attack Defense Attack Range
Arbalest (T1) 45 6.3 10 1-6
Elite Arbalest (T2) 60 9.5 15 1-6
Guard Arbalest (T3) 90 11 20 1-6
Imperial Arbalest (T4) 150 12.6 25 1-6
Persian Soldier (T6) 600 230 80 1-7


This building is where you can train Cavalry. This unit is strong against Peltasts while it is weak against Pikemen.

Persia L20 Stables
Troop/Level HP Attack Defense Attack Range
Camel Rider (T1) 80 27.7 10 1-1
Elite Camel Rider (T2) 120 32.3 15 1-1
Guard Camel Rider (T3) 160 41.6 20 1-1
Imperial Camel Rider (T4) 260 46.2 25 1-1
Persian Ranger (T6) 850 240 100 1-1


This building is to train Siege Weapons. Siege weapons are good when attacking a CZ but can also be used while leveling. However they have a poor defense so easily killed.

Persia L20Arsenal
Troop/Level HP Attack Defense Attack Range
Onager (T1) 45 75.6 5 5-9
Elite Onager (T2) 60 88.2 10 5-9
Guard Onager (T3) 90 113.4 15 5-9
Imperial Onager (T4) 150 126 25 5-9
Trebuchet (T1) 55 94.5 5 10-12
Elite Trebuchet (T2) 80 126 15 10-12
Guard Trebuchet (T3) 120 157.5 20 10-12
Imperial Trebuchet (T4) 180 189 20 10-12
Persian Cannon (T6) 800 500 60 10-12


This building makes your specialty units, War Elephants and Muslim Cavaliers (T5). War Elephants are ranged cavalry that are extremely helpful when leveling and one of the more powerful units in the game, however are also one of the slowest units in the game. Muslim Cavaliers are Peltast type unit that are weak against Cavalry while strong against Pikemen, they also are one of the fastest troops in the game.

Persia L20 Castle
Persian T5
Troop/Level HP Attack Defense Attack Range
War Elephants 700 94.5 55 1-7
Muslim Cavaliers 500 69.3 75 1-1

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